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Model Name


Model No. • EC-A-1000
Rated current • 30A (AC 30A or less)
• 100A (AC 100A or less)
Voltage • Allowable voltage : 90V ~ 264V.
Frequency • Does not matter whether 50HZ or 60HZ ( 110V / 220V compatible)
Range • Installation distance: Within about 10 ~ 90cm from the distribution panel.
• Within about 10 ~90cm from the terminal power supply.
• ECSPD is directly attached to and installed at the end load (motor, device). (The closer the distance, the better.)
Main Function • Electromagnetic wave-noise shielding, absorption and reduction
• Prevention of electric shock by shielding, absorbing and reducing leakage current
• Lighting surge shielding (40KA)
Precautions • Polarity must be correct before installation (refer to the installation manual).
• It is necessary to select and install a suitable product according to the installation purpose (electromagnetic wave-noise shielding, leakage current shielding) and installation location.
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